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You'll find them on your regular shampoo bottle, you'll hear them in beauty salons and will read about them in magazines and blogs. BEAUTY TIPS. They surround our world obsessed with appearance perfection and trigger the need to apply them in our everyday life,  regardless of what our bodies actually need, we blindly dig into yet another "pseudo-beauty" regime. 

Cleanse, tone, use serum and moisturise 
Get enough sleep
Drink eight glasses of water a day
Forget coffee if you are on a detox
Use fake tan instead of sunbeds
Apply face mask once a week
Never ever use you face cream on under eye area

The list is endless - and although these hints are supposed to preserve our beauty and well-being, they can also create a rather unhealthy situation called PRESSURE. Of course pressure can motivate many of us to achieve more career wise, when it comes to our looks however, it is nothing but a really stiff pain in the neck.

 Think yourself beautiful

Simple? Odd? Not specific? This is a powerful tip to help you notice that not the appearance that often is in need of care but your mind. You look exactly how you think. Fears and obsessions to keep up with so many beauty recommendations will  never help improve a dull complexion. On the other hand, a kind look at yourself is bound to give you more glowing and youthful skin.

Get dirty 

As random as it may sound, this by all means is one of the most effective beauty tips you have ever read about. You can personally axe off my left arm if this one won't work for you. What you do is this:
you wear your newest sporty outfit and go for a workout in the great outdoors. The idea is to really go off the beaten track and  brave through the mud and puddles. Whatever you do - run, march, crawl, skip or cross train - do not be afraid of the dirt splashing about and landing on your calves. Be freed from constant "on guard " mode. Feeling free, tired and with ears full of  muck, you'll be  running your bath thinking "What a wonderful beauty treat a bath can be." Simple, liberating, calming, truly cleansing and ten times more enjoyable - what an anti-ageing boost for your body and soul.

Go natural

Let's face it, we are spoiled for choice when it comes to skin and body care products. To win customers, global promotional campaigns are being launched to influence our emotions. Match a product with archetype of a confident, strong, modern and successful woman, and thousands will identify they have to use this particular product, as if what's in a bottle or jar didn't matter that much.  It turned out recently we had been offered cosmetics overloaded with harmful substances, that over time of regular contact with skin they caused allergies, damage to skin and cumulation of dangerous chemicals in our system.
Therefore if you value your health and want to diminish the exposure to now-a-day's pseudo beauty products, do your research, find a brand that has values to provide honest information on ingredients, that uses natural extracts, and brings you real beauty benefits. 

Please get in touch and comment, I would love to hear from you if you have your unique, unconventional and effective beauty tip to share. The most interesting tip will be rewarded.

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