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My relentless quest for  natural skincare took me quite unexpectedly to browse through one website designed to help men find their best grooming products. As there were many products I have never heard of, my curiosity made me stay there for a little longer than planned. I had more fun than a child in a sweet shop, picking and reading about brands, finding out about the directions of use etc. I then discovered a section with popular brands and found  J.Nicholas range. The packaging is a  reminiscence of old fashioned apothecary where everything used to be hand poured into bottles. This is an exciting find as it is like a hidden jewel - the anti-ageing liquid white gold - why is it tucked away for men's eyes only?

Argan oil became extremely popular in cosmetic industry due to its nourishing and moisturising properties. It is extracted from kernels of argan fruit. Argan fruits are picked from argan trees that grow in Morocco. It is packed full with vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and antioxidants.

Here are just a few benefits of using J.Nicholas Argan Oil:

  • Deeply moisturises dry and scaly skin
  • Protects the skin's elasticity due to high antioxidants' content 
  • Smooths out lines and prevents from premature ageing of skin by producing natural oil barrier
  • Nourishes hair and gives it healthy shine
  • Can heal burns and sun damaged skin
What makes J.Nicholas Argan Oil stand out from the crowd ?

  1. It is cold pressed and therefore retains most of its vitamin and minerals density
  2. It is 100% natural and is not mixed with other additives
  3. It is sold in glass dark bottles to keep the oil fresh so that optimal amount of nutrients is stored

My tip to benefit from this divine oil:

Once you have cleansed your face in the evening and are ready to apply your oil, rinse your cloth (Bamboo face cloths preferably) in warm water, wring and stretch it on your entire face for about two to three minutes. You can lie down to relax. After a few minutes of this compress your skin is ready to fully absorb J.Nicholas Argan Oil.

Without a doubt, it is a multi-use oil that with regular application will give you plumper, younger looking skin. It glides on effortlessly and you only need a few drops at a time. The pipette will help you with precise dosage.

Of course, like every woman, I have my own secret way to make the most of my J.Nicholas Argan Oil.

Whenever I feel my dry hands need extra attention, I massage in some of my white argan gold before my regular hand cream. This trick softens my skin immediately and builds a protective shield that lasts for longer compared to using the hand cream only.

Hopefully, this J.Nicholas precious oil, that many well groomed men have been enjoying for quite a while now, is going to win its special place on women's beauty shopping list too. It's worth every gossip.

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  1. A truly remarkable oil. Thanks for the heads up! :)