Melvita BIO-EXCELLENCE Micellar Toner - REVIEW

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 Melvita BIO-EXCELLENCE Micellar Toner earned its place on my blog for three reasons: 
  1.  it contains Damask Rose water
  2.  it can be used as one-step facial cleanser
  3.  it is an Eco-Certified product. 

Rose extract works wonders for my skin. I discovered this exciting rule after trying other miraculous formulas that contained this ingredient.(reviews still to be published).  Melvita Micellar Toner smells delicately of fresh Damask Rose. Aside of rose water, this cleansing toner is a blend of bitter orange water,  lavender water, centaurea cyanus (cornflower) water and blackcurrant water. Altogether, it creates a sligtly fruity, floral scent that is well balanced and not overpowering.  I'd love to have this rosy top note lingering on my skin for longer, unfortunately it fades away immediately after application. 

Why do I like Rose Water in my skincare products?
- powerful anti-ageing properties
- perfect for dry, damaged or prone to redness skin
- improves elasticity and firmness
- strengthens protective barrier of skin 
- evens out the skin tone by soothing irritations
- feminine and sensual scent

 I always look for simplified skincare regime therefore one-step cleansers are in demand. Melvita can be used both as a toner to remove remaining traces of impurities, or completely on its own as a cleanser, toner and  awakening water. I used it as an all rounder of course and it gave me satisfying results. My face felt fresh and clean, and got a gentle treatment without feeling tight or dry. I had to utilise two cotton pads soaked with Melvita Micellar Toner to get desired results so there may be a slight issue in terms of the time this product will serve you. 
I had difficulties removing my mascara, which is never a waterproof type, but found that holding a cotton pad soaked with Melvita Toner against my closed eye for a few seconds while pressing gently helped rid of stubborn dirt.

Melvita  states 99.59% of total ingredients used in Micellar Toner comes from natural origin, and 56.66% from Organic Farming. The brand itself originates from France, founded back in 1983 by a keen biologist and beekeeper - Bernard Chevilliat. His passion for nature resulted in skincare line that set grounds for organic and ethical approach.
I noticed that Melvita Micellar Toner had a long list of ingredients on the label, which were a mixture of Latin and English terms. I found potassium sorbate listed on my 35ml, travel size version, whereas website doesn't include this preservative. Something to double check if your skin is super sensitive.

Considering the vast amount of natural products with Rose Water available, I wouldn't buy the full size of this particular toner but it is still a good quality cleanser packed full of plant extracts that soothe and protect the skin. It costs £15.50 per 200ml bottle which makes it a spend very close to the high-end price tag.

There is a different Melvita product though I would love to try in the near future - it is the new Field Cornflower Water For Eyes - could this be my potential around the eye area skin rescuer?

Next up, in the queue for a review I have Arbonne Calm Gentle Daily Moisturiser. I will also be looking for natural eye cream reviews on blogs so please drop me a line if you reviewed any.

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  1. Nice review! I love rose flower water as well....I use it as a face toner onto cleansed face. x

    1. Thank you for your comment. :) Yes, using rose flower water onto cleansed face has so many benefits, soothes and rejuvenates the skin all at the same time.