Buffmonger - locally made soaps - REVIEW

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Walking along the vibrant high street of my neighbourhood led me to a beauty salon in the making called Yemanja Therapy where I discovered soap making brand - Buffmonger.

They are based in Swanage, Dorset, and have a range of products on offer, from soap bars, body lotions, hair shampoos to problematic skin remedies. I got a chance to test two soap bars, read on to find out more...

Anti-Allergy English Rose Soap

A delicate scent of Roses and soft texture was something that I liked the most about this product. It lathered easily and removed impurities effectively, I tried it on my face and noticed that it makes my skin dry so just continued to use it on my body.

Overall, this product is cruelty free beauty product suitable for vegans, contains natural English Rose Buds Extract and would be a good choice for someone who cares about the carbon footprint and likes to buy local products.

I am a bit disappointed with the ingredients though as Sodium Laureth Sulphate and tetrasodium EDTA are listed on the information label. Read about those controversial substances here SLS AND EDTA and decide whether you'd rather avoid them in your beauty regime.

English Lavender Soap

The formula of this soap is similar to the one described above, with potential skin irritants on the ingredient list. On the good note, this product is packed full of natural Lavender and Lavender Flowers. You'll enjoy intense aroma of this mind and soul soothing natural scent. The soap cleanses by lathering softly and doesn't dry the skin to the extent the English Rose bar did.

I hope you found this brief review helpful, many more exciting are lined up to be tested, stay in touch, comment, recommend or advise in the space provided below. 

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