Worn out Sole, Empowered Soul - Why we want to see a photo of your destroyed trainers.

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How are you going to spend your weekend? The forecasters promised some sun and hopefully some consistent summer weather settling here so a lot of outdoors enthusiasts will flock out to get that heart rate pumping enjoyably faster. You will certainly see all year round athletes really upping their game as well and it is my appeal to them to get involved in my rather peculiar project.

A while ago I have started a Pinterest Board called "Worn Out Sole, Empowered Soul". See HERE. It refers to the impact physical activity has on our general wellbeing. The more you exercise the better the quality of your life in all areas. Full stop. Some people need constant motivation, some don't, they need some form of recognition instead. In my odd way, I would like to give the most committed athletes out there a chance to show their dedication. In what way? Very simply, pin a photo of your trainers, that show some signs of rage, mention the sport, activity you used your shoes for, share it on Twitter with a hashtag #WornOutSoleEmpoweredSoul and treat it like a real trophy, in other words, show it off with pride of a winner. 

So, if you feel this is you and that you have just slaughtered a pair of trainers, get involved. We are hoping for some sports' stars to share their empowering master pieces too. I will start running an official competition once I have enough pins from you. The prizes to be confirmed. Let's begin a social media campaign to recognise those sporting individuals who have always been an example of commitment, charisma and fighting spirit. YOU.

Follow the link below

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