Why your Skincare Routine is Adding Years to Your Age.

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Have you thought of your face when you first read the title of this post? That's what seems to be the centre of attention usually, the skin on our faces, forgetting that we are covered with square metres of skin from top to toe. It always amazed me that skincare industry overwhelmingly supports the importance of getting the right products on what stands for just 5% of our skin. Sadly, it does have a huge and in my opinion negative impact on people, spending the dosh dreaming of that magazine cover look not realising the secret to beauty lies in a different approach to skincare routine - A VERY SIMPLE ROUTINE.

The approach I am talking about is as follows: your face needs oil based cleanser and plant based serum only; it's the skin on your body that requires more attention and care.
I am not saying that you should ditch your face cream that has worked for you for years. I am not saying brands don't offer enough products for the body. I am saying - you will look older than you are because the skin on your body is not firm enough, dehydrated, undernourished and imperfections prone. Do you realise that those stretch marks could have easily been avoided if your skin had enough collagen and elastin in its cells which could have been delivered by regular moisturising?
Maybe, you tend to moisturise only after sun tanning or during your weekly home pamper spa routine. That's not enough. Although it may seem impossible within your daily schedule to find extra minutes for all over skin moisturising sessions but it isn't time consuming at all once you make it a habit and a clear priority. This advise applies to women of all ages, the sooner you start with your new routine the better.
What's more, no clinically developed potion for your face is going to help you feel beautiful or younger if you have the truth of your real age covered with the latest designer clothes.

As mentioned above, even with scientific research and development of the product there is little to no chances you are going to achieve the results that you are after. That's because one miracle ingredient is usually blended with a chain of toxic chemicals sabotaging your efforts to a beautiful skin.
Therefore you should go natural and never look back. Any body oil or balm with Tamanu, Buriti, Green Coffee, Rosehip or Argan are perfect skin penetrating plant extracts that can heal damaged skin, restore its natural functions and collagen levels.
I personally like Tropic Tamanu Healing Balm (to use all over the body, regularly); Davaj Body Serum with Organic Argan Oil, Grown Alchemist Body Treatment Oil; Lyonsleaf Natural  Beauty Balm: Fushi Really Good Cellulite Oil; Pai Bioregenerate Rosehip Oil

Please recommend other natural beauty products that de-age whole body, or share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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