Hot Trend - Eco Tops to Style with Organic Cotton High Waisted Jeans

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How do you see yourself wearing the latest trend - High Waisted Jeans - this season? I have a few ideas to share with you and, the styles are all carefully picked from eco oriented brands, including the flattering jeans by Nudie - see below.
Nudie Jeans Women's High Kai 'Super-Tight/High-Waist' Jeans - Navy Falls

Jeans can be dressed up or down, it's such a versatile garment  and a well fitted pair in the wardrobe is a true treasure. The jeans above by Nudie are made of 98% organic cotton, so apart from looking ultra stylish, you are supporting a good cause. The brand is involved in many projects and has got high standards when it comes to manufacturing, distribution and selling as such. They even provide a repair service for your jeans. What a great idea knowing we all get attached to our favourite pair so often. Check out their website here NUDIE JEANS

Eco Tops to Style with High Waisted Jeans

Also, take a look at my picks of tops that will go perfectly with high waisted jeans. All the garments are listed below to easily find your new ethically fashionable look. 

Short sleeve top

Seasalt long sleeve top

Seasalt green vest

Tops Jackets

Tops Jackets

Red top

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