Eco Fashion Discovery - Sustainable City Style by Wabi Sabi

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Modern woman wants to be ahead of times with her fashion choices. There's no better way to become a trend setter than taking your wardrobe to the next level and make it a sustainable one. With fashion revolution in progress, designers and brands take on a new direction in terms of sourcing the fabrics, manufacturing and trading. 
For us that direction is the only way to make an improvement in highly toxic lives we lead. Wearing purer clothes, produced in a balanced work environment creates the 
Wabi Sabi epitomises everything Eco Revolution is about. They look forward into the future, recognise issues with mass clothing production and choose to bring new values into fashion world - AUTHENTICITY - UTILITY - SUSTAINABILITY through bonding with traditional values such as BEAUTY and QUALITY. 

Wabi Sabi, uses 100% organic fabrics that are certified, respects the people and the environment during manufacturing process and delivers end product that is fashionable, smart and flatters a woman's healthy shape. As the brand emphasises...

"Our clothes are created for the modern and sophisticated woman who wants to be current, look stunning and needs her clothes to be functional". 

To learn more about Wabi Sabi and to fall in love with their styles, visit their website WABI SABI
Sustainable City Style by Wabi Sabi

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