How the hell did we all get here? Seven Questions to the Owner of YNR

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September proves to be a very different month for us from testing the first Super Food Breakfast to getting to know the male point of view on natural beauty industry. Meet the Owner of Your Next Remedy, online shop offering unisex natural skincare solutions.

How was Your Next Remedy born?

Your Next Remedy was formed back in 2011 during the big boom in the men's grooming industry. My interest in men's grooming products became quite evident from a young age. At just 17 years of age I was constantly caking myself in the latest skin care and hair care products, which became a solid part of my daily routine. My friends thought I was slightly weird at the time, but now they've all jumped on the bandwagon like the majority of men in today's society. I figured if I was to start a business, then why not start one based on something I am passionate about and have the knowledge to go with it? So I did.

What's your view on using synthetic ingredients in skincare? 

To be honest, during my early years of grooming, I never cared too much about synthetic ingredients in beauty products. It was only after I started Your Next Remedy that I became more aware of it. I do feel it's extremely important for skin care products to be as natural as they can be. It really is quite shocking to know what kinds of ingredients are used in some of the leading brands on the market. I've now made it my mission to stock products that are only naturally formulated that can deliver the best possible results. 

What are the best grooming products (brands you have ever tried? Do you use any products you stock?

Although there is a bunch of crap out there on the market, there are also some terrific brands that I absolutely love. I'm a big fan of the Raz*War shaving range, and I also have a soft spot for the very affordable Bull Dog skin care line. If you don't mind spending the extra buck, then the new J. Nicholas beauty range is definitely one to consider for the seasoned groomer. After months of research, I had this range developed based on premium ingredients that actually work to better your skin, body and hair. I use this range daily, and without coming across as biased, the J. Nicholas Anti-Ageing Face Cream is the best skin care formula I have ever tried. 

You are the editor and owner of The Male Grooming Review. What do you think modern men need most advice on? What reads? 

I'm very proud of The Male Grooming Review. I have never claimed to be a writer, but the blog now ranks as one of the best of its kind in the world, so it's pretty clear how much interest the men's grooming sector is generating at the moment. I don't think the modern man needs advice as such, but I think most men do appreciate having a solid reference to go by. Most guys who read The Male Grooming Review are interested in the beauty sector and are simply looking for ways and products to help improve their appearance and health. As far as hits go, the most popular articles on the blog tend to be hair loss related, although anti-ageing and beard topics are also quite popular. 

What is the owner of Your Next Remedy like after working hours? (interests, passions)

If I'm not working, you'll most likely find me on a tennis court somewhere knocking a few balls about. I'm certainly not going to be the next Andy Murray any time soon, but I'm sure I'll have a lot of fun trying to improve my game. I also love playing guitar and gazing at the stars wondering how the hell we all got here. Spending time with people I love is also hugely important to me. 

Do you have a life motto you live by?

Look after your health. Be strong. Keep improving. 

What are your plans for YNR's future?

I'd like to grow Your Next Remedy into one of the major players in the men's online grooming sector, selling honest products with core essential values.

To see what Your Next Remedy is about follow the link below 

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