Eco and Organic Christmas Gift Ideas for Men

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Browse through our top natural, handmade and sustainable Christmas Gift Ideas for him. If you are shopping for your fussy boyfriend, alfa male with minimalistic approach to grooming or the luxury fan, our picks should inspire you. Check them out.

That's an absolute must buy if your man wants a healthy skin for Christmas. It will be the ideal gift if you are looking for something you can't get on the high street. Ishga Marine Face Cream and Shave-Beard Oil are all natural and high end grooming picks that won't disappoint on Christmas  morning. The creators got the scent just right, it smells of classic shaving soap enhanced with modern woody notes finished with the freshness of sea breeze. That's correct, classic base, contemporary heart and fresh  in perfect harmony

It's no secret avocado ranks at the top amongst the healthiest foods available, but its career in skincare is only just starting really. I haven't personally come across a more avocado rich products than this Absolutely Avocado soap made to make a man's daily grooming routine so much easier and efficient. It combines cleansing with thorough moisturising so this is a perfect stocking filler for those who like to be in and out of bathroom quickly.
The Grit on the other side would intrigue anyone who like  to receive a tough piece of rock to really get the job done on hard working hands.

I somehow can't help but to share this 1950's Mens Shaving and Grooming Set find with you. Its attention to detail, compact design and quality finish will bring a true satisfaction to the vintage style loving individual and an essential accessory when travelling. This truly unique item for the gentlemen of your family.

For anyone loving practical gifts, this HR23+ Serum will please a man who'd like to find a no fuss protection from hair loss under the Christmas tree this year. It is formulated with 43 natural actives to provide effective and safe scalp treatment. If you need to know more, please read my detailed review of HR23+ Pill and Serum.

A handful of organic ingredients, reusable packaging, quirky branding and you have the basis for the cracking gift that will be appreciated by your eco conscious man. This is a healthy alternative to aluminium based deodorants providing strong protection from body odour without interfering with its natural processes. Paraben free, fabric stain free  and quick drying deodorant revolutionised filling that stock like no other.

It's exciting enough to just visit this shop, let alone shop from here. Ravenscourt Apothecary got me all keen to stock up on some truly remarkable gifts. Everything here is precious, natural and so desirable. Mr Darcy fragrance for Him will satisfy the aristocratic yet humble personality that possesses a sophisticated nose of a scent nerd. 

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