Jason Power Smile Toothpaste Review

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I must admit  I had been intending to try a healthier toothpaste for a while and never got to it until Nutricentre kindly offered Jason Power Smile Toothpaste to test. 

Being a natural products fanatic this paste got me really excited learning it's Sodium Laureth and Lauryl  Sulfates free. I  avoid that ingredient in my body washes. It's bad enough on the surface of the skin let alone inside of the mouth. I checked the ingredients' list of the leading toothpaste brand and yes, SLS was there. Never touching it again.

Jason Power Smile toothpaste comes in a sleek 85g tube. All the important information is in bullet points at the front, which helps quickly  identify what this product does. Flip cap is very practical when dispensing the paste onto a toothbrush.

A true treat to the mouth knowing so many wholesome botanicals are blended together to fight plaque, freshen breath, control tartar build up and whiten the teeth as well.Extracts of Parsley, Grapefruit, and Perillla Seed, Bamboo Stem Powder, Peppermint Oil and Aloe Vera, all of these in one natural formula to deliver desired results. 

I liked the clean minty flavour, keeping my breath fresh and cool and my mouth pleasantly soothed. It isn't one of those minty pastes that sting your tongue and make you lose the taste for an hour after using it. This paste brought an effective plaque removal and kept it off I think for longer than other makes. Little goes a long way here. What's more, it really id effective when it comes to keeping the teeth sensitivity free which I thought is a big plus. I will definitely be stocking up on  this Jason Power Smile Toothpaste very soon via Nutricentre.  It's on offer now so check it out too. 

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