Ishga Organic Seaweed Skincare -The Treasures of Hebrides - Review Part 1

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When it comes to skincare choices, my main point of focus is always the formula. Ishga is a brand offering a range of products with unique Hebridean Seaweed extracts. Seaweed (Fucus Serratus) used here comes from remote hills and lochs of Isle of Lewis, Scotland. Ishga included this pure seaweed together with water from Hebridean healing springs to create a line of products with highly anti-ageing and renewing properties. Read more to find out how it worked on my skin.

My experience:

I have used the cleansing lotion together with toner for a week now, morning and evening. The cleanser removes make up easily, has a texture of a smooth lotion (see picture below, top left) which you apply with your hands on dry skin and remove with damp cotton wool. It smells pleasantly herby, slightly citrusy and fresh. The toner has a more distinctive scent, I'd classify it as earthy sweet, not sure if I can fully recognise the fragrance of seaweed here as this is the first time I have been using products packed full of marine extracts. Both Cleanser and Toner prepared my skin for serum and cream application, my skin felt refreshed, re-energised and slightly tightened. 

Serum glided on beautifully all over my face and neck with its texture of a soft gel (see picture below, top right) with hardly any scent to it. The serum is mainly a marine water and seaweed extract blend which is supposed to bring the anti-oxidative benefits much quicker than the cream alone. Although I usually go for more moisturising serums, this particular one got me intrigued as it gave me an instant firming sensations to my skin. Will continue to use it to see further benefits.

Face cream was so far the most pleasurable moment within my Ishga skincare experience. It has much richer formula, with Apricot Kernel Oil, Shea Butter, Safflower Oil, Comfrey Root Extract and a Cucumber Extract, altogether with the key ingredient  - Hebridean Seaweed - can provide my skin with the right amount of protection, and moisturisation. I have used it for three days now, I like how it absorbs without leaving a greasy after effect, I risked using it under my eyes too and it seems to be delicate enough to be safely applied in that area.
It is worth mentioning that Ishga aims at all skin types ensuring effective free radicals barrier by harnessing the powers of pure marine plants. 

Next up, you will find out how I got on with Ishga skincare routine extended to their Hebridean Sea Salt Scrub, Exfoliating Face Mask and Body range.
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You can buy the full range of Ishga products here: Ishga Scottish Seaweed Skincare

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