Natural Organic Beauty Discoveries from Across the Pond

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Check out our new list of products that we think deserve your full attention if you love natural skincare. This time we picked four brands based in United Stated or Canada that offer some rather exquisite formulas you probably never used or  heard of. Read more...

Helena Lane Skincare based in  Squamish BC, represents everything Pamper Point supported. Their philosophy is simple yet genius:

        "I want you to do less to your skin. I believe most people use too many products too often".

Based on the above, you can expect careful formulations of the products, with inclusion of the most potent, effective botanical actives. We like Helena Lane Frankincense & Calendula Hand and Body Cream for its all organic ingredients and original blend of Avocado, Macadamia, Chamomile, Calendula and  Arrowroot to promote skin healing, moisturising and protecting benefits.

Green America Certified brand takes the stage with its extraordinary Brand New Day Microderma Scrub Mask . This multitasking product will scrub, purify, iluminate, tone, nourish, hydrate your skin, all according to your skin's needs. Just one jar of organic rich paste whipped up from sweet pea flour, pineapple enzymes and mineral rich kaolin clay can replace any product with single function saving you time and money. An object of true desire for any woman of any age.

No form of relaxation compares to a quality bath time after a long day. Just remember to choose your bath soaks carefully to avoid irritations through synthetically obtained ingredients. With  Nahla Flowering Quince and Body Oil you can be sure you are safe. With abundance of certified organic oils and herbal  extracts this golden liquid not only offers the benefit of blissful rest through natural aromas, but it also firms and regenerates the skin thanks to Sea Buckthorn Berry Extract, Quince, Arnica and Oatstraw. A supernatural body elixir that is a must try. Huge credit to the founder, Nicole, based on Southern Coast of Maine, making a positive difference in the beauty industry.

Sans Skincare bedazzled us with beauty of their online boutique, ethos of natural simplicity and original formulas. This Mavi Face Serum is our absolute favourite when it comes to picking a day time skincare. It is formulated with Oil Azulene derived from German Chamomile and Tansy Flowers steam distillates (hence natural blue colour). Blended with Squalane, it offers unadulterated panaceum for aged, damaged and dehydrated skin. Very versatile, penetrating quickly and non-greasy texture will work wonders and convert anyone not so keen on using oils on their face into an oil based serum fan and ambassador for this pure and exceptional brand.

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