Monday Motivational Talk

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I strongly believe that beauty comes from within. What is happening inside of our bodies, both physically and mentally, will shine on the outside and further onto the world that surrounds us. You could have found yourself in a situation when you have had to hide your bad mood or physical aches to just get through the daily chores. Wasn't that the worst feeling ever? Have you ever wondered why you struggled so much putting that brave face on? Read on as I may have an answer.

I have realised a while ago that I was given my body to use it to accomplish great things in life, my true potential. I also realised that this body requires a lot of attention and care to help me carry me closer to my goals as opposed to disturbing me. Would I be able to use my creative side if I was obese and generally unfit? This enlightenment  made me promise myself a something very important. The promise to myself sounded like this:

 "I am born into this world in a body. I am part of the mother nature but I want to make change by living a meaningful life that extends beyond the physical existence. I can only do this however, if I look after my physical occurrence by exercising, eating well and using pure, natural cosmetics."

This is like taking this first little step before leaping and reaching for the bigger accomplishments. Guess what, after I had come to realisation I am made of flesh and blood, as obvious as it may be, it started rewarding me with determination, consistency and energy to get that yet another tough workout done. I make it an absolute priority to take  time to exercise, to prepare healthy meals and to apply nourishing body cream after every shower, without a fail.  I no longer feel guilty when I spend a little extra money on a new beauty product that I know will support my outside beauty and will bring out the best of me.

Think about it, be yourself, and most importantly...take a good care. 

I am off to play tennis.

Just have a look at my damaged pair of tennis shoes, it is a perfect symbol of what I wrote about in this post, commitment and sacrificing time to be at  your best physically, all the rest will follow.

Worn out sole, Empowered soul

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