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After years of experimenting with beauty products I have developed my list of  favourites that met my expectations, were pleasure to use and gave my skin healthier treatment. When choosing my skincare, I always have certain criteria in mind, some are obvious like texture, scent, ingredients used, some are quite peculiar like aesthetics of  the packaging or psychological impact. Read on if I got you intrigued.


I chose to start my list from a body cream to emphasise the importance of looking after your skin all over, not just on your face. This Aromatherapy Associates product is an absolute favourite in body care range. It strengthens the structure of your skin by locking in moisture, improving elasticity and encouraging healthy cell formation. All these benefits mainly thanks to miraculous Damask Rose Water, Rose Oil, Evening Primrose Oil and Jojoba Oil. Although not usually mentioned in the product description found on beauty websites - there are other ingredients that make this cream stand out - Sandalwood Oil, Patchouli Oil and Gapefruit Seed Oil. Combined together they give you a truly pampering experience on application by releasing their natural aromas.
This cream glides on wonderfully, sinks in immediately and leaves you smelling with delicate and not overpowering rose notes. Blissful moments tend to stay with you for hours after application. It significantly softens and smooths out your skin.
Still not sure  if this is for you? This product has powerful skin firming properties, although not listed in other product descriptions, you do get it on top due to the quality plant extracts used. You will prevent stretch marks too.


If I had to describe this product in three words, I would say: QUALITY, QUALITY QUALITY. Yes, it's that good - for my skin and it will be for yours, even if it's sensitive. This beauty hero assists with the basic skincare process - exfoliating at surface level and detoxifying at deeper level mainly thanks to birch leaf extract. It gently massages your body with natural wax pearls to reveal glowing and purified you, it is packed full with essential oils and will fill your bathroom with aromas of robust green nature in its purest form - ENERGY AND HAPPINESS in a tube. I swear by it. You can also have peace of mind knowing that this brand puts sustainability and ethical approach at the top of its values so everybody benefits - from suppliers to customers. Brilliant.


Roger & Gallet Fleur d'Osmanthus 150th Anniversary Fresh Fragrant Water Spray 100ml

This sleek, limited edition bottle contains fresh fragrance which is water based - a great alternative if you are not happy spraying alcohol on your skin which is present in so many other perfumes. It is a blend of natural essences that create captivating impression of exotic garden. Essential oils of Mandarin, Grapefruit and Neroli revive your senses and uplift your spirit. I am not a fan of  "citrusy" blends but this particular one is balanced with magical osmanthus, sensual sandalwood with added sweetness of  benzoin essential oil and balmy tonka bean. Once you spray this remarkable water on your skin, you will notice a distinctive aroma of  creamy apricot like notes. This is what attracts me to this creation at most. I call it an "active fragrance" as it encourages to take action of any form. Psychological impact at its best positive outcome. Invigorating properties of this scent will give you a lot of satisfaction when lingering on your skin. The lasting powers of this fragrant water are exceptionally good, I could smell it after three hours but it will depend on an individual.


This is my recent discovery in natural beauty. I have to be very careful not to go overly excited now to keep my writing informative - not - irritating. This product is a heavenly blend of natural extracts of Golden Jojoba, Avocado, Green Tea, Eucalyptus and Camomile. All natural and pure extracts squeezed directly into a practical bottle with pump that dispenses just the right amount of product. This cleanser comes with Organic Bamboo Cloth which is a star on its own as it gently removes impurities form your face, buffs it and stimulates cell renewal - perfect! You first apply a product by massaging it into dry skin, then use your bamboo cloth soaked in warm water to remove all impurities and make up.
Guys, you have a facial spa, skin renewal program, problem free complexion - all these benefits  in a humble yet hard working  beauty must have. It deserves a place on your bathroom shelf as well as much more bloggers' praise.


People tend to suffer from dry skin or  premature ageing around the eye area very often. This is also a very delicate part of our face so a special attention is required. When it comes to eye creams, I literally went through tens of products promising what I was after - plump, make lines less visible, nourish, firm and protect the skin. I discovered that its the creams that have a broad array of active ingredients derived from nature, and don't use harmful parabens or sulfates work best. In other words THE DENSER THE CREAM THE BETTER RESULTS YOU ARE LIKELY TO GET.  Ole Henriksen fulfills the above criteria. Just look at this ingredients list:

African Red Tea - slows down anti-ageing process, strengthens skin
Vitamin C - stimulates collagen production with 10% of active vitamin C complex
Jojoba Oil - retexturises and smooths fine lines
Sodium Hialuronate - locks in moisture 
Turmeric Root - nourishes skin
Zinc, Copper, Manganese Gluconate - soothes the skin and boosts collagen production

For me it is important that the cream helps with collagen production, it is the building block of our skin structure so an  absolute staple of effective eye cream formula. Vitamin C - a star that prevents free radicals from their aim to damage our skin on many levels is another ingredient I always look out for. Natural oils and extracts are crucial in nourishment and moisturising process so they should be included too. 

I hope you enjoyed this  description of my natural favourite five. Do you have a similar list you can't go without? 

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