Arbonne Calm Gentle Moisturiser REVIEW

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In October 2013 I was introduced to Arbonne Skincare by one of the UK consultants. I was sent samples to try and a catalogue to look at. After some research I was full of admiration towards the ethics the company preached:

"More than just grounded in green values, we are putting them into action. We're taking "pure, safe and beneficial" to the next level through our efforts to match the purity of our ingredients with the earth friendliness of our packaging. So what's good on the inside is also good on the outside." Read More here

These powerful statements plus my growing eager to switch to safer, more natural skincare products, contributed to my decision  to purchase the Arbonne Calm Gentle Moisturiser

Why this cream? (Arbonne offers many skincare lines)

- Irritated skin - I decided to try this gentle moisturiser because had suffered from irritations and redness on my face for a while. At that time I was still looking for the optimal face cream that would have been the most suitable for my sensitive skin.
- Savings - The cream cost was £26 per 118ml tube - that hugely helped with the purchase decision. 
- Novelty - I have never heard of Arbonne products before so curiosity and my personal tendency to buying new skincare having to read about it, led to popping Calm Moisturiser to the online basket.

Facts I liked about this product.

Texture and fragrance- very light, whipped cream texture, absorbed easily, no sign of oily residue on skin, it also had this barely there scent, that I would compare to the smell of an oat milk.
Hydration - the cream hydrated my skin perfectly, it worked well as under makeup base and I realised it made my foundation stay put for longer.
Diminished redness - the cream made my skin less prone to irritations, especially around my chin and evened out the tone of my skin significantly.
- Paraben, sulphate and colourant free - I am very strict as to what additives I allow near my skin now so  great job from Arbonne they didn't include these three baddies.

Fact I didn't like about this product.

Unfortunately, Arbonne is a brand that doesn't list the ingredients on its products' labels. I learned from the website (had problems finding the info) about "key ingredients", but the full list was not provided. It did worry me that the brand based on social selling scheme compromised on its transparency. The key ingredients were as follows:

  1. Aloe Vera
  2. Cucumber
  3. Chamomile
  4. Mallow
  5. Sea Mayweed
  6. Japanese Green Tea
All of these natural actives have a proven history of being particularly beneficial for sensitive skin by hydrating, soothing and protecting it. Calm Gentle Moisturiser worked well for me, it didn't last for as long as I'd expect though, it took me just over two months to finish this tube (apllied onto neck too).

Overall, It is a quality face cream that helps alleviate problems associated with sensitivity and the damage is usually less visible after just a week of regular application. My redness around chin area took two weeks to disappear. I would have bought it again if it wasn't for the lack of honest labelling.

Have you ever tried any of Arbonne skincare? I would love you to share your opinion.

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