Edel Weiss by Siin - anti-ageing skincare from Austria - REVIEW

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 I was kindly asked to review this new range that will soon become available in UK. The face cream and cleansing milk came in a box equipped with a leaflet that provided essential information on the key ingredients - edelweiss - the  "star" of Austrian Alps used for centuries as a healing remedy. According to the manufacturer, this skincare line is a result of extensive research and experts' practices. 

 I  learnt that both face cream and moisturiser contained formulas to combat ageing of the skin in the most scientifically advanced and effective way. See picture below.

Although the systems mentioned above sound very enigmatic they are explained in greater details on the leaflet. The Liposome System helps active ingredients penetrate the skin into the deeper layers where moisturising, plumping, and smoothing action takes place.

Important note for those who stray away from harsh chemicals - Edel Weiss range is free from parabens and paraffin.

EDEL WEISS Milky Cleansing:

This face cleanser has a consistency of a silky gel with a very pleasant feminine scent. It relaxed my senses on application, it smelled with a fresh rose sharpened by some exotic fruits, and softened by a velvety white edelweiss - a truly unique aromatic impression. 

Key Ingredients in Milky Cleanser:

Edelweiss Extract
Precious Rose Oil
Goji Berry (Vit C, A retinol, B)
Ginseng Root Extract

As a natural beauty blogger I was a little bit disappointed to learn the formula of this cleanser contained Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Potassium Sorbate and Sodium Benzoate, if you tend to avoid these in your skincare, the range isn't for you.

I enjoyed using this cleanser, it lathered easily on contact with water, I had to repeat the process however in order to achieve a thoroughly clean skin, softened and slightly tightened. The most difficulties I experienced when trying to remove my mascara with Edelweiss cleanser, it took a little bit more effort compared to other cleansers I had used before.

EDEL WEISS 24h Essence Cream:

The ethereal aromas of this cream will appeal to all of you who love the most innocent, close to skin scents with milky warmth of wheat germ extract and freshness of juicy aloe vera. 

Key ingredients in 24h Essence Cream:

Edelweiss Extract
Aloe Vera and Olive Leaf Extract
Wheat Germ Extract
Hyaluronic Acid
Jojoba Oil

I have used this cream morning and evening for two weeks and noticed the following:

> it absorbed easily and left skin softened, moisturised and relaxed
>it worked well as under make up base (didn't give me a shiny forehead effect)
>it made my skin less blemish prone
>it soothed some redness I often experience in my chin area
>it kept my skin moisturised throughout the day

Overall, I enjoyed using both cleanser and face cream, if I was to buy I'd go for the 24h Essence Cream as the formula is more natural than that of the cleanser, and I could see the noticeable difference to my skin. 

Edel Weiss by Siin will be available soon in UK. Please see link www.siinlife.co.uk

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