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Supplements have always played an important part in my healthy lifestyle. I have tried numerous products from humble Vitamin C through superfoods capsules to more specific pills like joint support or additional magnesium to help with energy levels.  HR23 is one of my recent discoveries, it was offered to me to be tested to which I happily agreed. My weakened limp hair and brittle nails needed some urgent attention anyway.

HR23 is a complex supplement with a long list of ingredients which goes as follows:

Vitamin A
Vitamin C
Vitamin E
Vitamin B1
Vitamin B2
Vitamin B6
Folic Acid
Panthotenic Acid
PABA (para-Aminobenzoic Acid)
MSM (naturally occuring sulphur)
Ginkgo Biloba
Saw Palmetto
Pygeum Africanum
Green Tea (40% extract)
Grape Seed (5.1% extract)

I have struggled a little to read the ingredients off the label as it is in tiny font, don't blame the manufacturer however as the list is long and crammed with major influencers when it comes to hair restoration  process.

I am a big enthusiast of ingredient rich supplements. It is obvious that vitamins, minerals or other actives work together in our systems to bring optimal benefits to certain parts of our bodies. For instance, there's no point separating iron from vit C if it won't get fully utilized without it. Therefore it is a safe bet to pick a multi way supplement.

HR23 is recommended to boost hair growth but I personally experienced many more positive reactions in my body since started taking it (7 weeks). Also, to make my test fair and more reliable I stopped taking all other supplements (fish oil and magnesium) and took two capsules of HR23 a day with food for better absorbtion.

My observations
  1.  I noticed less hairs falling out when brushing my hair (within 3 weeks of taking)
  2.  My nails strengthened significantly and they grow at faster pace now (had very brittle and mechanical damage prone nails before)
  3. My hair seem to have more shine and and it is more resilient to knotting 
  4.  My energy levels increased and physical fatigue is almost non existent (PABA and Biotin, complex of vitamin B)
  5.  I noticed less blemishes on my complexion over the course of the last month (even though I eat chocolate)
  6.  HR23 helped me stay more productive even if I have to do my creative work late night (Gingko Biloba, Green Tea)
  7.  My skin started feeling softer and silkier to the touch which must be thanks to Grape Seed Extract, Silica, Zinc, Vitamin C
 I have tested different hair, nails and skin supplements but none of them gave me noticeable results. With HR23 I only need to look at my hands and nails to see the results within relatively short space of time.

The oblong shaped pills themselves are rather large but very easy to swallow. The information on the label is clear and says it all in one phrase "Hair Food Supplement" - 23 essential additives. Of course you can go and try one ingredient hair support supplement but why take five or six different pills if you have a multivitamin, skin, hair, nails, detox, brain, energy and anti-ageing supplement - ALL IN ONE -  I am coming back for more, from this supplier - YourNextRemedy

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  1. I am a bodybuilder and I had used Green supplements for getting good body shape, you can’t believe that I got excellent results with this herbal supplement. I’ll recommend to my all dear ones to take this supplement to get good results. All the best!!

  2. Thank you for your comment. Completely agree, quality natural supplement works wonders, make sure you choose your food in a pill wisely, be it for your skin, muscles or hair.

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