Ishga Organic Seaweed Skincare - The Treasures of Hebrides - REVIEW PART 2

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The testing of Ishga skincare products is finalised, here are a few thoughts on how they performed.

Ishga is a Scottish brand that created their natural  line using 100% Organic Hebridean Seaweed extracts and water from remotely located spring on the Isle of Lewis. These two ingredients are the base of every product. They are designed to be suitable for every skin type from sensitive and dry through to normal, combination or oily, delivering anti-ageing results.

Ishga is an example of minimalistic branding approach, keeping the range colour coded, purple for the face products and sky blue for the body products. The bottles and tubs are labelled with some basic but sufficient information on the products. The application instructions are easy to understand and follow. The full ingredient list you can find on the boxes that each bottle comes in.

I really liked the aesthetic look of each bottle and jar, the packaging is elegantly designed, I am not sure about the durability of the pumps used in the containers however, as I noticed the top bits tend to fall off when used which caused me splashing the product all over my bathroom. This wasn’t a major problem as I could quickly fix the fault but this is definitely something to change to a more sturdy type in the future.

The face line did a great job so far, with Cleansing  Lotion, Toner and Face Cream balancing my skin to have the perfect amount of hydration and protection. (More info on these products see my previous Ishga Review PART 1) When I added Face Serum and Face Mask to my regime, I noticed an instant firming effect that felt a bit odd to start with, to which I am used to now after two weeks of using. The FaceMask brought  the feeling of total nourishment together with reenergising effect through the slight tingling. It smoothed out my skin thanks to its exfoliating properties. The only detail I wasn’t so keen about was the smell of this mask, which I’d classify as sharp herby with notes of watery mud from the sea and underwater plants. It’s not unpleasant though, very distinctive rather. The fact that I had Hebridean Seaweed extract at its purest being absorbed by my skin somehow made me forget the strong smell.

My ultimate favourites out of the whole range are Ishga Body Scrub, Body Lotion and Body Oil. The scrub is a divine blend of sea salt and natural essential oils with my personal favourites – Jasmine Oil and Geranium Oil included. I used it under the shower and felt pampered from the moment of the first contact with my skin. I’d say this is the perfect formula in a salt scrubs category. It left a layer of softening and protective oils, which scented my body naturally and delicately.
The Invigorating Body Lotion and Oil is all about my continuous excitement when it comes to Ishga body line of products  with Jasmine, Geranium, Almond Oils as the reigning heroes plus the refreshing and awakening Lemon grass Oil – skin felt and smelt as if it had undergone some top notch salon treatments – an absolute must try. If this wasn't enough, the formula of this oil is entirely free from preservatives and parabens. Highly recommned for those with the strictest standards for their skincare choices.

Hope you found this review useful, for in depth description of each product and for a review from  a male point of view, please visit this blog - YourNextRemedy.

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