3 most effective exercises EVER to get you fit fast, save time and give you your dream body

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Did you know there are moves you can perform that result with rapid toning, strengthening and tons of saved time to do other things? Check my list of six most effective exercises ever.


If you have read some of my previous fitness articles you'd notice I include this exercise in every workout. This one powerful move alone targets your thighs, glutes, core muscles and arms. It helps you gain better cardiovascular fitness, it strenghtens your whole body and makes it more dynamic (you'll be faster in everything you do). It's effective and easy way to condition yourself for more challenging physical activities.

Interesting fact: High knees ENGAGE your lower abdominals to drive those legs up, use this exercise if you have a problem with unwanted fat in that area.


 This complex exercise will work on your speed, strength, endurance and explosiveness. All aspects of athleticism are covered here, It's important to do burpees as they help to perform any other exercise with better form and power. That's why it is a regular training part of many sports professionals. They know best what works. If you give it a go, you'll enjoy fast results and better shape very VERY soon. 
Here's how to do it by Scott Herman: 

Interesting fact: You can enjoy full benefits of burpees right from day one of your exercise plan. Perform your burpees with no push up and no jump, you will be working your body just as hard but at your own level. 


I have never done more effective core and lower abs exercise than this one. Many people quit their fitness routines because they are no longer reaping any benefits any more, especially in that middle section area. No wonder, those endless crunches can only do so much and if you are serious about toning that core - do hanging leg lifts. This is going to shoot you up to another level of fitness, you'll notice this is worth the effort as you'll see stomach muscles showing, you'll be hanging on that pull up bar with a smile on your face.
Scott's method below:

Interesting fact: Fat that you collect on your stomach is more dangerous for your general health compared to the fat you carry anywhere else. It messes up with normal functions of your inner organs, like liver or heart. Strip it all off as soon as possible.

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