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Last week's research was all about Etsy and natural products that are available on there. I found many brands that sparked my genuine excitement towards their offerings. Here's a few shops brought to your attention to help you convert your organic week into a happy organic life long venture.

This organic and vegan brand based in Cardiff uses natural extracts of plants to create their heavenly, naturally scented creams, soaps and balms. It focuses on aromatherapeutic properties of ingredients  and offers a wide range of products, in my opinion, perfect to start a personal adventure with organic skincare. 

Not only will the shop provide you with essential toiletries but also it will give you the chance to try a natural alternative to luxury products like perfumes for instance.

My favourite products: Raw Shea Coconut Body Butter, Organic Massage Oils, Solid Perfume with Amber, Rose and Patchouli, Organic Deodorant Citrus Flower

If you decide to treat yourself to shopping with  Aromawakening, you won't have to stretch your budget and will enjoy organic skincare from as little as £2.10. The most expensive product will cost you less than £20, this almost sounds too good to be true - check yourself - Aromawakening Organic Beauty Shop

Browsing through Etsy led me to more  discoveries in natural beauty department. Ambrebotanicals, the brand with "wow" factor that uses unique ingredients to handcraft their products. They blend 100% raw cold pressed fruit, nut, and seed oils and come up with  Mango and Carrot Seed Oil Hand Cream or exotic Cupuacu and Nut Oils Body Butter for example. The formulas are rich and highly concentrated and they are to deliver maximum nourishment, protection and moisture to the skin.

Ambrebotanicals products price ranges between £8 up to £25 per jar of their nutrient packed body butter which may be on an expensive side to some of you but baring in mind that little goes a long way, this should still be an affordable way to your transition to organic skincare routine.  

It will appeal to people who love vintage style packaging with earthy coloured labels reflecting the natural origin of the content. Pure, raw and simply good for you.

Jinsei is another Etsy shop with organic skincare products that literally scream their way out loud to the basket. I love the formula of  Dry Night Cream with  Argan, Jojoba, Avocado Oils, Manuka Honey, Coconut Butter and fragrant blend of Rose Oil, Patchouli, Benzoin and Orange.  This cream will be perfect for all of you who expect a luxurious feel to their skincare regime and Jinsei can deliver just that. 

As Jinsei is a new brand on Etsy, its founder, Samantha from Woking offers 10% on all orders over £25 and if this wasn't enough, there's is a further incentive to shop during this introductory period to secure an exclusive discount issued for your second shop of over £15. 

I hope you enjoyed reading about my selection of Etsy Organic Shops, have you got your favourites? I would love to hear about them, please use comment window below to share your thoughts.

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