EXACTLY AS IT HAPPENED - Interval Training for Power Strength and Stamina - MY CHRISTMAS GIFT TO YOU

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My readers must have noticed a few posts published under the collective title - EXACTLY AS IT HAPPENED. As Pamper Point is all about healthy lifestyle, I have decided to publish fitness articles series on a more regular basis. Every week you can expect a workout idea or an article about health, fitness and sports.

There it is, my Christmas gift to you, for me to step up with my posting frequency and for you to get fitter and happier. 

The workout below took place earlier this evening, it is designed for all levels, if you are a beginner however, increase recovery time between each exercise but don't compromise on pace. The key is to go all out for this training to rev up  your metabolism and get you stronger super quickly.

I guarantee a rush of new energy just after you've accomplished this. Remember to stretch - STRETCH LINK

Enjoy and please give me feedback on how you got on with the workout in a comment box below. 

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