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When it comes to fitness you need to keep your motivation high to avoid any gaps in your regime. If you have fallen off the wagon lately, it is very likely you just simply got bored with your routine. 

I have a great suggestion that may be just what you need to be back on track in no time. It applies to both men and women. Do RUGBY training. 

As ridiculous as it may sound, it is possible for anyone to train like a rugby pro and reap all the benefits of tough yet exhilarating sets of kicks, passes and sprints.

What do you need to start RUGBY inspired training?

- A friend to do it with
- A rugby ball (ideally about 5 balls)
- A bit of free access, grassy field 
- A pair of football boots

Before I go into detail of rugby specific workout please keep in mind that this isn't with an aim to join a rugby team and participate in matches. This workout is to get you stronger, more agile, and your heart healthier in a very short space of time. I promise you (yes PROMISE), do two to three rugby workouts weekly for two months and you'll be flying off to the next level with your stamina of an athlete. 

Still not convinced? I haven't mentioned that rugby teaches you many skills like eye to ball coordination, it speeds up your reaction times, it makes you sharper physically and mentally. Due to explosive nature of this training it also helps with high energy levels - so crucial in demanding life styles many of us have. 

If you can see yourself enjoying a bit of mud on your shins and hands, a lot of fresh air in your lungs and pleasantly tired muscles then have a look at the workout pattern below:


Do a few laps jogging around the field, find a bench or rail, hold for balance, do 20 leg swings on each side, then walking lunges throughout the length of the field.

TRAINING: (two people) 

Run parallel to each other up to five metres apart, pass the ball as you run in the same direction, the person with the ball runs ahead and throws the ball to the person just behind, the roles switch here, keep passing the ball to each other. Do as many drills as you like. Challenge yourselves by speeding up the pace.

Run in circular direction around your friend, he/she passes the ball to you, you throw it back immediately while moving; challenge yourself by increasing the amount of throws, also vary the height of throws. Swap roles, do three circles each until exhausted.

Measure a distance of around 40 metres, your friend passes the ball to you half way through the sprint, you leave the ball on one end, sprint to catch the next one, leave on the other end, continue until you've run out of the balls, then start collecting the balls one by one off each end (while sprinting), pass them back at your friend half way through your sprint; finish off with an all out sprint with no ball passes involved. Recover and repeat at least once.

Kick the ball in the air, let it bounce once and then try to catch. Rugby balls can be very unpredictable in contact with uneven ground, a lot of short run bursts and changing direction here. 

One person practices kicks, the other collects the balls, from the field, concentrating on swift ball pick ups and powerful runs while holding the ball in one hand. Switch roles.

To finish off, do two sets of 20 press ups, squats, burpees and mountain climbers.

STRETCH (please see this link HERE)

Hope you are roaring to go. Please share your training experience. Use comment box below.

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