Spiezia Restorative Body Balm and Softening Body Oil Review

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It's time to talk in greater detail about a brand that employs the sun and the moon in their process to deliver natural products - it's Spiezia Organics. This was an exciting Christmas present - I unwrapped the Body Softening Oil and Restorative Body Balm. After a month I have now nearly run out of both products. Here are my thoughts.


This product literally melted on contact with skin, smelled of refreshing lemon peel with herbal under notes. Strong but very pleasant, naturally derived aroma indeed. Although it had rich texture of soft cream, it sank into skin quickly leaving a subtle sheen. Application itself got me slightly worried as I didn't feel my skin was being moisturised enough judging by the product's fast absorbing action. I was wrong thinking that and realised Spiezia Body Balm actually keeps the skin's moisture levels for hours. I used it all over my body, including my feet, I applied it regularly on my hands too. I think I went through my 120ml jar way too quickly to see long term benefits of using this organic body balm.

I liked the formula that included yarrow flower, gotu cola, carrot root, horsetail leaf and nettle leaf extracts, all of which contribute to skin restoring and healing benefits. Please see picture below for a full list of organic ingredients.


Spiezia Softening Body Oil had a slightly different scent to body balm even though I would classify both as citrusy fresh type. I preferred this aroma as on top of its lemon top note it had subtle nutty sweet middle notes. I am only guessing but this could be because of addition of highly moisturising Apricot Kernel Oil that naturally gives off caramel fragrance. I liked how my skin felt after application, Spiezia Body Oil did exactly what it promised - it nourished dry areas leaving noticeably softening effect. My precious 100ml bottle didn't last long but this was only because I usually tend to splash way more than the required amount. I also used this oil to massage achy muscles and it resulted in mild soothing effect. 

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