The Building Blocks of Healthy Skin - SKN-RG Pro Oil Concentrate and Advanced Eye Elixir Reviews

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When it comes to skincare it's all about finding the right routine for the specific needs. As individual as it can be, our regimes don't really differ that much. We all want blemish free, youthful and firm looking skin that is protected and nourished by the product of our choice.

Natural and organic skincare has been my choice for quite a while now. Over the last four weeks I have had the privilege to test SKN-RG's Advanced Eye Elixir and Organic ProOil Concentrate. It was by far one of the most thrilling skincare tests I have ever done.  Why? SKN-RG formulas take the meaning of natural to the next level.  Pure botanicals are matched with the latest technology of extraction and formulation processes to create something rather extra ordinary. Find out below what technology I am writing about and how the products performed on my skin.

As usually, I find it crucial to mention what the reviewer's lifestyle is like as it plays an important role in terms of product effectiveness. The main factors influencing the condition of my skin are late nights and playing sports outdoors, often fighting harsh elements such as wind and low temperatures. It is for those reasons that I usually seek significant amount of protection and nourishment. 

To better understand how it works I should mention the innovative system that SKN-RG uses when fromulating the products. One of them is HDN'S which stands for High Density Nutrients technology created from fermentation of Arnica, Chamomile, Comfrey, Lemon Verbena and Calendula. The ferment is then enhanced with Pure Quanta Light Energy which altogether converts the irritated,  dull and aged skin back into its natural glow and youthful vitality.

SKN-RG is divided into two major sections of SKN-RG Organics, SKN-RG Advanced. Both categories avoid synthetics, parabens, mineral oil or harsh chemicals. Both categories also use HDN'S with Quanta Energy to super charge the performance of their skincare. The Advanced range uses different type of HDN'S to Organics, with herbal plus marine fermentation. Advanced line is also bosted by AHA's Collagen and Eco Certified Hyaluronic Acid.

This light in texture but dense in nutrients oil has got intoxicating scent and the first application delivered a very positive aromatic experience. It smells mildly lemony and luxuriously rosy. It absorbed instantly and although I could feel a tiny layer of the product on my skin, it left no unwanted residue. I used it at night after cleansing without applying anything else for nearly four weeks now. The results are visible in the form of my skin being less prone to irritations and notorious dryness on my forehead and cheeks. I feel like I have more control over my skin, especially during pre menstrual week when I'd usually have to put up with blemishes. Another great result form using Pro-Oil Concentrate is that it works perfectly with my make up routine. I don't use any liquid foundations, only natural face powder and I have noticed I get better coverage whilst using less product. This must be due to my skin being better nourished and hydrated.
I used SKN-Rg Pro Oil on my decolette area and that's where I noticed a dramatic change in terms of smoothness. The creases have disappeared and my skin looks radiant and plump.

I am absolutely impressed by the ingredients list of this Eye Elixir. My old favourites like Squalane, Meadowfoam Oil, Lupin Peptides and Rose Otto Oil are blended with high performing and new to my skin Black Tea Ferment, Solomans Seal Extract and Vitamin C3. This milky and refreshing thin gel took a little longer to absorb than I would have expected but after it did, my skin felt as if instantly injected with rejuvenation. The eye elixir is scentless and I used it at night around my eyes and lips area. It  made a significant difference in terms of diminishing fatigued and dull looking complexion. Although I don't personally suffer from dark circles or puffiness, I believe this gel will help anyone who do, as it gives a tightening sensation next morning and a much more rested look. 

I would definitely recommned a SKN-RG product to anyone who wants something extra from their skincare, especially if they don't want to be exposed to a bunch of  toxic ingredients in the process. This is a performance skincare indeed and the pricing is totally justified by the potent formulas and innovative approach to creating safe, effective and natural beauty products line. SKN-RG are the building blocks of a healthy skin.

Follow the links and discover SKN-RG ORGANICS and SKN-RG ADVANCED for yourself.

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  1. I am quiet skeptical when I see new organic products on the market , but when I met , almost a year ago, the founders of SKN-RG and tried their creations , I knew that would have been something that my clients would have loved it and it became my Organic Choice since , Vanessa

  2. I adore SKN-RG, love everything about the company especially the passion. Have yet to try this product, but sold from your write up.