2017 predictions in the world of organic beauty and eco fashion

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Let's get straight to the point...

What will 2017 bring in organic beauty and eco fashion industries? 

Looking at natural brands and skincare products every day, it was so obvious to see the market was growing rapidly in terms of supply and demand. Whilst efficacy of the product is still the major factor behind a purchase, the consumers also want their new face cream to be free from synthetics. Why? The general need to lead healthier lives is on the rise. With that, comes detoxifying skincare routines as more and more people are knowledgable enough to recognise skin absorbs many chemicals found in our regular shampoo that can end up in our organs which then leads to a much higher risk of cancerous changes for instance. More people do value their quality of life by staying healthy. People are also fed up with "traditional marketing" so many companies invest ridiculous money in - TV ads, celebrity endorsments, this is old news now. People want authentic relationship with the business they offer their custom to. They want to trust the product they buy. They want exclusive yet affordable rather than mainstream and just cheap.

Based on the above, I think the organic market is going to grow in demand and the brands will be incorporating modern technologies to embrace the wealth of botanical world and come up with safe, effective formulas that will be an impressive combination of organic plant actives and science. They will be exploring new avenues of how they source their ingredients and will support sustainable plantations.

Let's face it, no one really wants to be back to whipping up their own creams and lotions, unless you are an enthusiast of doing so. The fast paced world we are functioning in, cries for a modern organic product, that will support our wellbeing, nourish our skin while we are busy pursuing our careers.

Synthetics in skincare are old news and big concerns, think Loreal, Clarins, and Garnier are feeling the pressure of stepping up. And rightly so, as these are now only winning above truly natural brands in terms of sales because they are still dominating big pharmacies shelves. Saying that, a big revolution in how people buy is happening as we speak, with many more people shopping online rather than in a traditional way, which seems to favour natural skincare brands. Therefore some companies are taking advantage of new trends by buying already established natural brands.*

This is a diffcult part of this short overview, trying to mention all of the organic skincare brands I think explores new directions of natural skincare industry. 

SKN-RG for instance, merges modern science and powerful organic ingredients, creating legacy of a natural product being supercharged with a unique technology (Quanta Wave Technology) to optimise the results by enabling the actives to penetrate into deeper layers of the skin.

They also use new generation pre and probiotics in their enzyme/fermentation formulas to fall into the category of modern age skincare which is often reffered to as COSMECEUTICALS.

To sum up, growing market of organic beauty is predicted to reach +9.5%  growth by 2020** and has now achieved £54.5 milion (growth of 21.6%) in UK alone. ***

Looking at fashion industry, some exciting changes are happening here as well. The so called "Green Economy" with high regard to ethical values is replacing a mass production with no consideration towards sustainability or fair trade principles. And it is about time for this transformation knowing fashion industry is the second largest environmental polluter just after oil****.

I agree with the fact this is all due to "Millenials" (people aged 20-36) whose shoppping habits influence the fashion market landscape. They, as consumers, stand behind the need for creating ethical value to the businesses, supporting welfare of people and animals involved in the manufacturing of goods and reducing environmental damage. What's more, they take interest in where their clothes are made, they appreciate artisan side of production, and of course, the use of natural yet innovative fibres. All of the above factors pushed for what I call ECO FASHION REVOLUTION that is rapidly making eco clothing available on the high street. Bring it on, as behind that, there is a litany of new technologies being discovered to help recycle, upcycle and reuse exisitng fabrics and clothes. 
So the prediction for 2017 and beyond, is that even the modest earner will have the chance to wear ethical and trendy fashion, support a good cause. The companies will make it their priority to provide lines with a positive impact on everyone, from the workers, through business owners, all the way to customers and the environment, everything available at affordable price, yes, as price will determine whether a growing trend can become a global and regular occurence.

With high profile designers like Stella Mc Cartney, Livia Firth involved in ethical fshion projects, there is a big wave of fashion labels, mid weight designers and brands emerging into an ever growing green market.

My first choice is Betabrand. This company - as they call it - a Collaborator Community is a prime example of where the eco industry is heading towards. A very complex platform supporting aspiring designers and ethical projects whilst being a fashion destination for the latest garments made by start up designers.

Betabrand's innitiative
THINK TANK - a pioneering method of encouraging sustainable life through showcasing new designs, like their professional yet comfy dress pants, being made from organic materials.
This is a brilliant way of a potential wearer of the garment having their say about the end product and even cofund the actual manufacturing of the product. It's no longer a clothing online shop, it's a social platform that connects both the makers and buyers through contests, design vote system and easy onsite comment submission. This encourages transparency in business, and creation of real authentic B2C relationships Way ahead of their times. 

Of course, there's going to be so much more to talk about in the New Year, The eco brands, ethical designers, organic products, micro trends and research all of which I can't wait to explore via Pamper Point. I hope you enjoyed my short forecast of organic beauty and eco fashion market. Please feel free to submit your opinions, share your ideas and discoveries in the comment box below.

Wishing you a healthy and prosperous New Year ...

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