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Not many of you have heard of Tropic Brow Define Palette but it has already caused a stir in beauty world. This is because, Tropic - a proudly British brand, has come up with an innovative way to create that perfectly groomed  look.

Why is it innovative?

Firstly, it is a  PURE, HONEST and EFFECTIVE product. All of Tropic range, both skincare and make up abides by the above virtues. They are products of nature - in  a jar. Yes, the term "natural" has become a buzzword in beauty industry over the recent years and credibility of many brands has been questioned. Tropic however, is gaining more and more trust amongst its customers as not only it delivers cosmetics that are good for your skin but also provides you with clear,  honest list of ingredients.

Secondly, Tropic's  innovative mindset is backed by the QUALITY of its products. I was absolutely astounded when my first Tropic Brow Define palette arrived. The packaging is sleek and modern, palettes have mirrors inside, and they seem to be "tough cookies" if you wanted to carry your brow kits in your handbags. The product itself is a masterpiece. It stays put for hours after application, doesn't stain your skin and is created on "all in one concept" which delivers desired make up look plus nourishment for your skin. A busy "multitasker" .

 Palette is designed to be used with stencils which gives you the confidence when applying the colour over your brows. Stencils can be bought separately from palettes, but I recommend you consider buying the whole Tropic Brow Perfection Gift Box Set together with Organic Dual-End Bamboo Brush and Stencils. 

Tropic offers  Brow Define Palette  in three shades: Bistre, Ochre and Taupe. See pictures below


I was especially impressed with the highlighter, it finishes the whole look by adding definition to the eye area, I tried it on the apples of my cheeks and it worked wonderfully.

I am tempted to try this ochre shade on my eyelids, I have the feeling it would create an interesting effect. Something to experiment with.

What is your method for perfectly groomed eyebrows? Do you have a favourite natural make up product you can't live without? Comment, connect, share.

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