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Treat your body with as equal care as your face - my all times beauty motto I live by everyday. I splashed and rubbed tons of creams, lotions and serums in my body over the years. Some of them smelled beautifully,
others were unscented. Some of them had light texture, others were thick butters and  a few cost me a fortune. Literally, I live in a relationship with body lotions and it was a bit frustrating when I came to realisation that I had used so many of them and couldn't have been faithful to one or perhaps two products. This is because I have created my subjective criteria which I assess my next body lotion with. 

Ingredients Used:
This is the strictest rule I apply when choosing a cream. I want my cream to be power-packed with nutrients extracted from plants, seeds or fruits. Parabens, silicones or preservatives are an absolute No No. I enthusiastically welcome natural essential oils and butters in my cream. Marine algae, or seaweeds are very desirable for their firming and anti-ageing properties.

Texture and Absorbency:
As obvious as it should be, not all of the body care brands quite got it yet. Here is the reminder: US GIRLS DON'T DO GREASE ON SKIN. We haven't got time to keep rubbing in a blob that feels like it has been destined to be applied to our morning toast rather. 

The After-Effect:
The most crucial criterion and the final "decider". If my skin is soft for longer than three hours, if it feels smooth and velvety, if it improves elasticity and cares for my collagen stores, if it makes me want to touch my body again and again - only then I have found my long term relationship potential hidden in a tube or a pot.

And if it wasn't for the one recent "high-flying" cream I would still have been stuck with shelves of beauty pseudo heroes. Thank you Tropic Body Love. You tick all the boxes.

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