My Very First Natural Beauty Wishlist

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Based on natural beauty bloggers' recommendations and my own research I discovered many new creams and oils lately that I would love to try. The world of pure and honest beauty products is very inviting with all goodness that nature has to offer. I am hooked. Look what I found:

This face cream is crammed with natural plant extracts and oils, it is also formulated for sensitive skin, which I tend to suffer from. As it contains some of my favourite ingredients like  APRICOT KERNEL OIL,
ROSEHIP SEED OIL, GERANIUM AND ROSE WATER, no wonder it landed on my wishlist.What's more, this cream is free from parabens, SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate), SLES (sodium laureth sulphate), lanolin, propylene glycol and synthetic fragrances. Available fro at £8 per 50ml jar is in my opinion very good value for money deal. 

Moisturising your body is equally as  important as caring for your face. I have long been a relentless supporter of regular application of quality body creams and butters. Why? It really works, it only takes two  minutes after every shower to rub in and it gives you wonderful benefits at minimum effort - soft, firm, stretchmark free skin ready to be exposed regardless of the season. For my next after shower moisturising session, I'd pick the above Lotion Naturelle as it intrigued me with unique ingredients blend - Korean Ginseng, Calendula,  Aloe Vera and Rose Petal Extract to boost skin's natural moisturising process for people with very dry skin and those who are prone to eczema and psoriasis.
Free from parabens, SLS, animal ingredients and fragrances it makes a safer choice recommended by natural health professionals acording to manufacturer's description. I want. The cost - £12.50 per 150ml tube.

I have been lucky enough to try this brand's Peppermint Foot Cream not so long ago. I have sampled quality, natural product on my feet, no wonder it made me crave for more. This time my pick is this beautiful gift set consisting of: 1 x Rose and Lavender Bath Salts 50g; 1 x Coconut Souffle Exfoliator 50g; 1 x Himalayan Salt Exfoliator; 1x Mango Butter 50g; 1 x Flannel. Everything at £40 per box this is sure to transform your bath time into blissful, deeply nourishing pamper experience. The ingredients list for these little wonders is short, simple and INNOCENT. It qualifies to be used by the srtictest  natural beauty enthusiasts.

Arabelle - yet another natural beauty discovery of mine with emphasis on the luxurious aspect of skincare. Supported by the belief that 70% of what we put on our skin ends up in our system, the brand refuses to use synthetics and ingredients produced in a lab to focus on pure ingredients and their powerful properties. This Serenity Body Oil is an epic creation with list of  ingredients that read like a love poem:

Organic Sweet Almond Oil
Organic Apricot Kernel Oil
Organic Grape Seed Oil
Jojoba Oil
Rosemary Oil
Extract Pure Vit E
Lavender Essential Oil
Petitgrain Essential Oil
Benzoin Essential Oil
Chamomile Essential Oil
Clary Sage Essential Oil
Ylang Ylang Essential Oil
Jasmine Absolute

I fell in love with this miraculous blend especially for its Benzoin Essential Oil taht helps ease muscle aches, Apricot Kernel Oil for its rejuvenating, vitamin rich, nourishing properties and Jasmine Absolute for its feminine relaxing aroma. At £18.50 per 200ml bottle, it may seem expensive but if you look at generous ingredients list, it is great value for money.

Lyonsleaf is a brand I first learnt  about reading blog. Not only does Lyonleaf website offer 100% natural skincare but also it gives tons of useful information about herbs use at home, ingredients in beauty or organic vs natural differences. My pick is unsurprisingly a body product again, with COCONUT OIL, SHEA BUTTER, AVOCADO BUTTER and CALENDULA EXTRACT, CLARY SAGE ESSENTIAL OIL, GERANIUM ESSENTIAL OIL, BLACK PEPPER ESSENTIAL OIL and BENZOIN. Full of goodness, with thorough description from the manufacturer, I can't wait to get my hands on this deeply nourishing, protecting and anti ageing body butter.
The cost - £12.95 per 110ml

Innocent looking judging by the outer packaging this little pot hides some power ingredients to work specifically on delicate, around  eye area. It contains rose oil plus resveratrol to combat ageing and loss of elasticity. Resveratrol received a very good press over the past decade for its strong protective and age defying skills, hence my keen  interest to try this cream out on my dry skin affected by sun overexposure and first expression lines. It's free from parabens and sulphates, cruelty free, natural product, made in UK that can be bought for £12.95 per 15ml pot. In it goes to the basket.

Have you ever tried any of the listed above products? If so, please share your opinion with me and help me make a more informed decision. What's more,  I am in a search for 100% natural cleansing body gels and washes, would love to read about your recommendations. 

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  1. Thanks for the mention Anna & what a lovely wish-list you've compiled! I look forward to returning to your reviews as you tick through them all! x

  2. Thank you for taking your time to read some of my posts. :) I am constantly working on improving the quality and relevance of my writing, looking forward to our future chats, be it here, Google+ or Twitter ;)

  3. Hi Anna, We are chuffed to be on your lovely list. Thank you! Can we take the opportunity to make a little wish come true and send you a Body Butter for review? Do get in touch through the website to arrange - Thanks again Vicky x