Moroccan Black Soap Review - Body Cleansing the Traditional Way

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 The modern world wants free from synthetics, traditionally made soap. Natural bars cleanse the skin thoroughly and have many more additional benefits so I decided to check for  myself.

I chose Moroccan Black Soap made from virgin olive oil as opposed to African Black Soap that is crafted using raw Shea Butter. Black Soap is said to have impressive exfoliating powers, is deeply nourishing and gentle enough to be used on irritated or acne prone skin.

The texture and scent

Deep green plasticine like paste was tricky to apply to wet skin as it slid off my fingers on a few occasions so it took some practice before I managed to really work some lather. After I had covered myself with decent amount of foam I continued to massage it into my skin for a few seconds using my bamboo cloth as didn't have a Kessa Glove which is usually recommended with that type of product. The natural aroma of pressed olives, hash and soil didn't particularly appeal to me but it didn't put me off either. 

The results after first use

After washing the lather off my skin felt refreshed and clean. I didn't notice much difference in regards with softness of my skin. There must have been some kind of dead skin cells removal taking place as I spot unusual bits of dirt in the rinse water.

The results after regular use

I can see my skin absorbing body creams much quicker now, especially body oils that sink in easily and keep the dryness prone areas like shins, knees and elbows hydrated. 
This was my previous concern of not getting the most out of my organic body products that would sit on the surface, nourishing my skin only until I'd put some clothes on which would then be rubbed into the fabric. My skin stays soft and glowing for the whole day and its general condition is visibly better. A very positive outcome after all.

My conclusions

1. Black soap worked perfectly as an every day cleansing product
2. It helped me making another step towards switching to organic and natural beauty regime
3. It improved my skin's general condition and it assisted with other beauty products absorption 
4. I would buy this product again as I can see my skin's health benefits with continued use

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