How to use a hair oil to achieve maximum benefits - featuring White Label Hair Oil

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White Label Hair Oil is a brand new addition to natural hair care category. It has been created to become an all round product to strengthen, style and nourish both hair and scalp.  Please read on to find out about easy ways to get a healthy mane with Whit Label Hair Oil.

To strengthen...

If you suffer from dry, brittle or damaged hair you may want to consider using this oil regularly as an after shampoo conditioner. Just rub two squirts in the palms of your hands and apply over wet hair and scalp, wait two minutes and blow dry. This will encourage hair growth and give your locks sleek finish. Remember that a little goes a long way here, use no more than two pumps on fine hair and up to four on thick, frizzy types. This method will allow quicker regeneration of your hair by smoothing out micro tears and thus making it more resilient to harsh elements such as wind or cold air.

To style...

As a smart styling tool this oil can be applied to dry hair to achieve accentuated strands, or a healthy shine to mid lengths. It won't make the hair look greasy if correct amount is used so the best way is to experiment a little with dosage. Sometimes even one squirt is enough. If applied to the ends only, White Label Hair Oil will help your hair stay fresh and bouncy for longer.

To nourish...

White Label  Hair Oil was carefully formulated to really stand out from all the other Argan oil based hair care products. Three key ingredients - Argan, Plum Kernel and Moringa Oils were blended together to maximise the benefits. They are all light textured oils that are easily absorbed by skin and hair and have a great deep penetrating properties. 
To use White Label as a Hair Mask, apply more generous amount on to dry hair by combing your fingers through it. Spend a few minutes massaging your scalp to encourage hair growth. Leave the oil in overnight and wash off the next morning with your daily shampoo. This is when you will really start noticing the difference to your hair. 
Moreover, White Label Hair Oil is 100% natural therefore you'll avoid being exposed to all the synthetics used in many other hair masks available on the market. It smells delicious thanks to the natural aroma of Plum Kernel Oil and is a pleasure to use.

White Label products are available HERE

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