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I have reviewed HR23+ Supplement (SEE HERE) a few months back and as it became one of the most popular posts on my blog I decided to test the newest addition to hair loss range - the HR23+ Hair Growth Serum. 

My hair is of thin, limp type. Even though I have not coloured it with any hair dyes for years, and switched to a natural shampoo, it is exposed to a lot of mechanical damage due to doing a lot of sports and outdoor activities. Those of you who run in low temperature, windy conditions will know how badly tangled and fuzzed up hair can get. This results in dry, thinning hair. Another thing I have noticed lately is that my hair just won't grow past a certain length. 

From description and other reviews I learned HR23+ Serum is a scalp treatment that could help me boost hair growth and make it less prone to mechanical breakage. Tomorrow it will have been my third week of using HR23+ regularly but not every night (every second night) . This was because I didn't want to change how often I washed my hair. 

The formula itself is nothing like you have tried before, the texture reminds me of apple pulp, but smells with ripe oranges. It sinks into scalp and hair immediately without leaving any residue. The orange scent disappears too. The first thing that surprised me is that straight after application, it lifted my hair and gave it more volume.

Using HR23+ Serum is a very exciting process. I like how my hair is easier to manage, fuller and bouncy. Into my fourth week my hair feels significantly stronger. Brushing after my outdoor running causes less pain, and less hairs are lost or torn. My scalp feels moisturised, skin flaking above my ears area disappeared. I think I will have to wait a little longer to see any changes in terms of hair growth speed. Updates to follow.

HR23+ Serum is available to buy HERE

Is there anything you'd like to know about this serum  I didn't include? Please ask in the comment box below. 

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  1. Thanks for review about Hair Growth Serum! I like it and would definitely give this product a try. Someone also suggested using alterna shampoo. But though to read alterna reviews before trying though I know they are quite safe and better than many products in the market?

  2. how often do u use the product in a week