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Desperately hoping for the summer to finally settle under our latitude we have gone and searched for products that are becoming more and more in demand due to their wonderful properties - natural facial toners. Whereas you must have used a toner before, to balance your skin's ph levels to its natural measures of 5.5 as quickly as possible after main cleansing, the toners we are covering in this edit have way more to offer. Take a look at our selection of exciting botanical waters from around the world..

 1. NILLY+BOOTH from Australia offers an Organic Face Tonic and we love the unique botanical constituents that make this blissful remedy. Detoxifying Rooibos, disinfectant Black Willow Bark, revitalising Gotu Kola, purifying Apple and Kiwi Extracts blended into a base of Tea Tree, Lemon Myrtle, Witch Hazel and Sandalwood hydrosols pack a punch of skin balancing and protecting qualities. Recommended to use after cleansing or as a refreshing skin energiser, Nilly+Booth is sure to become your little secret to a beautifully glowing complexion. Read more HERE

Interesting fact:
Behind Nilly+Booth stands Sharn who decided to forgo her career in psychology and become a natural skincare creator after a major existential crisis had entered her life and pushed her to chase after what she wanted to do. Inspirational.

2. If you are a city girl or have difficulties finding a beauty product that would protect your skin from harsh elements effectively, then you need to check Orico Coco Spritz from London. It is a part of Streetwise line that specifically targets the skincare needs of urban living. Having recognised the hazards of pollution, stress, central heating or air conditioning Orico came up with a brilliant protective facial toner - Coco Spritz. With its pure formula of Coconut Water, Cocoa Seed and Extracts of Mango and Papaya, this multitasking mist restores the skin's natural radiance whilst deeply purifying, hydrating, nourishing, and boosting micro circulation. Exotic blend indeed. Read more about Orico Streetwise Coco Spritz HERE

3. Our next pick is New York's Marble and Milkweed and their limited edition of a Spring Facial Toner Mist. It is suitable for even the most sensitive skin and combines the natural goodness of Wild Yarrow and Rose Geranium Essences. One of the purest products available, it offers highly moisturising and balancing benefits. If you are very strict about your natural skincare  choices, then Marble and Milkweed should be your brand . For more information follow the link  HERE

4. Luxsit is a truly exciting discovery from Sweden. Using a cutting edge technology it connects the modern world with its roots - The Nature. Potent Nordic botanical extracts are diluted in pure Swedish water to deliver hydrating and wrinkle fighting Facial Mist.  With Birch Sap and Oat beta glucan this spritz functions on a multiple level restoring the moisture levels, smoothing fine lines and reducing irritations or redness. Find out more HERE

Interesting facts:
Luxsit is a Latin expression for "Let there be light". 
Study shows that the most nutrients dense botanical extracts come from plants of regions with harsh weather conditions such as wet spring, windy autumn or dry and hot summer.

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  1. Wow, some really special toners here which I never heard of before. I am currently on the lookout for new toner so I will definitely check these companies out.

    1. Petra, thank you for your comment. Forgive me delayed reply, I am in the process of rearranging this blog. Yes, there are many natural brands for us to choose from, but the key is to find the one that specifically works for your skin.

  2. I can't live without a good toner!!! My face after a shower feels like stretched plastic without it! I use toners to set my makeup too! GREAT POST! loved this one! So many I want to try now!