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Resveratrol, Rosehip Oil, Marine Peptides or Algae - it's no secret that beauty industry gets affected by a single ingredient craze time and time again. Even though many brands do nothing much but earn more money by quickly releasing a trendy product,there are brands that actually deliver the real potential from a hero ingredient. Everyone agree that lately we have been experiencing Argan Oil Boom in skincare and haircare primarily. We have decided to create a list of products with argan oil as a main ingredient that we think deliver the best results. Just like in previous article featuring rose beauty products - SEE HERE - each product is supported with Pamper Points ranking 0-10 and a short warrant to justify why the product is mentioned. Please note that with the Pamper Points, a combination of factors is taken under consideration, the packaging, the price, the formula,  and the brands' philosophy. Read, enjoy and don't forget to recommend a product that you think should be included. 

Pamper Points 9.9
For the best travel friendly natural shampoo available and its hair growth stimulating properties

Pamper Points 8.6
For deep hair strengthening properties at cellular level and combining argan oil and argan stem cell extract

Pamper Points 9.5
For super smooth lips and healing properties of dry or damaged skin

Pamper Points 9.6
For extra high organic content

Pamper Points 9.8
For powerful skin elasticity restoring properties

Pamper Points 8.9
For a very appealing natural aroma and thorough hair cleansing action

Pamper Points 9.5
For using toxins free raw ingredients

Pamper Points 7.8
For a unique blend of Argan and Passion Flower Seed Oils

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