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As PamperPoint's ethos is all about encouraging people to make healthier lifestyle choices, I decided to extend this blog's covered topics to healthy foods. So here it is, for the first time on the blog, the simple tip on how to keep your vitality and your natural beauty - EAT YOUR BREAKFAST. Yes, you have heard it before from health magazines, nutritionists and other blogs. What's really worth emphasising is that what you actually put on the table that counts. I have been very lucky to receive a sample of Believe Beauty Breakfast Cereal from Fushi and would like to share a few thoughts and impressions. But before that, check out...

Since the age of 16, my food choices have always been with health in mind. In fact, I'd pick nutrition over flavour 99 percent of the time. This has recently changed though and I research new recipes and foods that can be both delicious and healthy. It is an exciting area of research and for new ideas I always reach out to one expert blog - BE HEALTHY NOW. What's more, breakfast would always be the meal with carefully selected foods, balancing the levels of protein, carbohydrates, fibre and vitamins from veg and fruit. I would never measure my portions, instead I'd eat until full satiety. That would always come hand in hand with a very active lifestyle.
I thought it was important to mention the above facts to point out how much I value good, nutritious food.

Believe Cereal Box is full of information about ingredients, vitamins and minerals it contains. It was exciting to learn every portion will boost my skin radiance and will work towards strengthening my hair and nails. Yes, almost every cereal is now fortified with vitamins but Believe Beauty Cereal exceeds the expectations even those of the most demanding nutritionists - 17 different micro and macro-nutrients for skin, bones maintenance, free radicals protection, and hormonal balance just to name a few benefits.

Believe Breakfast Cereal combines many flavours, which pleased my palates in a way more sophisticated fashion compared to a regular supermarket cereal option. Delicious mix of blueberries, cranberries goji berries together with exotic baobab pulp and coconut tasted naturally sweet and fruity rich. Every spoonful of Believe Cereal bursted with satisfying flavours. I tried it with fresh raspberries and natural yoghurt. It went well together. Also with soya milk which I thought it diluted the flavours a bit. I mixed it with "coyo" - a yoghurt made from coconut milk and this option won for me hands down. With a sprinkle of cinnamon it tasted more like a dessert not a breakfast.
I think I am going to use it as my topping for my cherry crumble next time too.

Super tasty! Very refreshing and unique ingredients. This is the breakfast for anyone who values their health. Isn't it our responsibility to look after ourselves? Especially, if we have all these scrumptious options available to us in UK, Europe and overseas, at £4.50 for a 450g box at Fushi, it is a modest price to pay for all the benefits and wellbeing at stake.

If I whetted your appetite for a wholesome Believe Breakfast Cereal enough, make sure you check out FUSHI SHOP HERE There is currently an offer going on it now. 

Thank you for taking time to read my very first healthy foods review. If you are a natural brand or a fitness business, check how you can get your product reviewed here by emailing pamperpoint@gmail.com or visiting this page HERE for ad opportunities. 

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