Can you find natural skincare in your local beauty store Boots?

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I have always been overwhelmed by the abundance of brands and products that high street beauty stores have on offer. Since turning organic though, my choice has dropped significantly with shelves of skincare I could no longer consider.
I decided to walk through the aisles and see whether there are products with better formulas, that use organic ingredients that avoid harsh synthetics.

Take a look at what I discovered in Boots.

YES to
Growing in popularity brand that continues to squeze the best out of different fruit and vegetables occupies Boots' two main sections, face skincare and body care. The lines have a prominent position amongst other brands and offer four different types - Yes to carrots, Yes to cucumbers, Yes to Gapefruit and Yes to blueberries. Face creams and serums were a standard size at competitive price compared to L'oreal or No 7 whereas body washes, although larger (500ml bottles) than other makes, they were priced at £9.99 which was much higher to what we are used to pay for a shower gel.
Although looking at them for a long time, I didn't  buy any Yes to products. With up to 98% natural formulations, I didn't trust the brand with their ingredients list stating Fragrance(Parfum)which to me is an indication of a synthetic scent.

This range of organic soaps caught my eye with its neat branding and it really gets the message across sitting in between the likes of Dove or Imperial Leather that, if you pick Little Soap, you are getting much natural skin cleansing experience. Free from sulphites thus non-irritating and keeping skin's natural protective lipid layer in place, there was no other soap I was going to consider. I picked English Lavender and Citrus which provided a great amount of satisfaction on purchase plus a natural bath staple lasting for over a month.  

Next up, was a discovery of body washes, bath soaks and shampoos that are free from sulphates, parabens and petrochemicals by Kind Natured. Due to a very affordable price, I bought  an Ylang Ylang & Sage Shampoo and Sea Salt & Bergamot Body Wash. Both products smelled lovely, lathered beautifully and lasted for a long time. The shampoo stood out also with its strands nourishing properties which made my hair easy to style. Also,these products have a rich list of botanical extracts which makes Kind Natured a really good value for money.

That's all I found in my local Boots but the choice of organic skincare stretches out to baby products, with Weleda, Tiddley Pom and Sophie the Giraffe online. I would love to learn about your experiences with your local pahrmacies and what products you've discovered. Please share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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