Natural Beauty Products to Try this Autumn by Pamper Point

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Are you looking to adjust your beauty routine to the ever so rapidly changing weather conditions? Check out our top natural picks to help you face cold months and be ready to look beautiful during festive season.

If you are in need of A.S Apothecary Face Cream #5 as it gives the skin the chance to rejuvenate and restore  Moreover, it brings a soothing dose of hydrating action, so important after a summer of sun exposure and especially during colder months, with skin having to deal with unforgiving elements such as wind, heated homes and low temperatures. Healing properties of labdanum, clary sage, benzoin and rose evoke a sensation of comfort through regenerating, soothing and firming. Skin is reinvented with A.S Cream #5. 


Never underestimate the power of your nose. You can literally sniff in a new you if you allow the right aromas surround you. In autumn, there may be an issue with energy levels and the anticipation of feeling cold may put you under unnecessary stress. With Aromatika natural fragrant reed diffusers you can keep all emotions controlled by creating a soothing or energising atmosphere for your home. That's right. Banish a lethargic body or wondering mind this season and have a cracking season granted by Aromatkia's home fragrance. 


Have you started your preparations for some serious party time?Surely you'd want to give your body some much needed attention. Whether it's to detoxify, tone or perk up anything that started showing some signs of a slack,  YONKA is the one to trust. Their Revitalising bath soak may dissolve every skin concern you may have. Add Creme 155 and you you will have a smooth and even skin guaranteed just before Christmas. Derived from natural plant actives, free from parabens and preservatives, Yonka Body lines are serious about the results. Pamper Point fell head over heels about the therapeutic formulas of this established brand from Paris. Even lavender smells luxurious in Yonka oils. A very exciting discovery for us.


If your main struggle in autumn is to keep that natural radiance on your face, it's time to seriously think of changing your make up to organic. ZAO offers 100% natural formulas with no petrochemicals so popular amongst the industry leaders (Clinique, Clarins). ZAO make up has everything you need to steal the show, from make up brushes, foundations, mineral powders through to full palette eye shadows, lipsticks and nail varnishes. Everything good for you, organic, effective and sustainable. Attractive bamboo refillable casing makes this brand a fantastic ethical choice or as a gift for a modern make up junkie.

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